Health-e-link's Universal HIE - Removing the road blocks to effective health information exchange!

Evolving Health Information Exchange Landscape

National, state, regional and local HIE initiatives have promoted clinical data sharing models and the potential of interoperable health information systems for many years. However, there has been limited success with health information exchange with the exception of targeted solutions in localized settings or alternatively, national systems focused on very limited data sets in specific program areas. For any collaborating healthcare organizations, sharing patient data has many challenges, one of which is that these organizations each employ technology-based systems with differing capabilities for data exchange. Often times, meeting the technical requirements of any data exchange project is overwhelming and in many cases, technical requirements of one initiative conflicts with the technical requirements of another. Conflicting code sets, message types, document types and transport methods confuse and potentially overwhelm technical staffs When will a solution be available that eases the burden for healthcare providers to more easily share patient data?

Health-e-link's Universal HIE Solution

The Health-e-Link Universal HIE solution is the one "flexible" health information exchange network that allows healthcare partners in your community to share patient information even when their technology-based systems are incompatible. The Universal HIE allows you to define individual partnerships on the network and the technical specifications that support data exchange for each partnership. The Universal HIE specifies who can share data with whom, which transport methods are supported, which document and message types are supported, which code sets are used within the supported message types, and finally, the processing rules associated with each data exchange configuration. Health-e-link's Universal HIE uses these configurable features to ensure that each customer's unique data exchange requirements are fully addressed. Health-e-link's Universal HIE serves as the single point of integration with all data exchange partners in your healthcare delivery network.

Health-e-link's Universal HIE Solves System Integration Challenges

  • A highly flexible data integration hub that collects, normalizes and delivers data from virtually any system using standardized or proprietary message formats and code sets;
  • Supports all types of data exchange from batch file upload/download, to SFTP/FTPS batch file exchange to web services/API integration.
  • Supports all message formats including txt files, csv files, xml files, mdb files and excel spreadsheets.
  • Supports all document types including CCR, CCD, HL7, JSON and others.
  • Supports standard and proprietary code sets including CPT, ICD, SNOMED, LOINC and others.
  • Easy-to-navigate web-based interface that simplifies system configuration to meet individual data exchange needs;
  • Operational and auditing features that support automated processing, accountability and data accuracy;
  • A low commitment hosted integration solution that meets short term needs while providing a pathway to unlimited expansion;
  • Integration capabilities with any established HIE platform including Direct;
  • Round the clock hosting and management in our secure data center.