Health-e-link's Clinical Data Warehouse - A data warehouse and program registry solution supporting health programs across your network of care!

Evolving Data Management Requirements

Federal, state and local health agencies as well as collaborating healthcare providers collect more and more healthcare information from their provider communities for the purposes of healthcare oversight, population health management and program management. These organizations are often burdened with outdated and siloed systems using outdated and incompatible technologies. The challenge for these organizations is to find a cost-effective and strategic approach to collecting, managing, analyzing and reporting this vital data. Siloed legacy systems developed over many years plague the effectiveness of data collection and management in an evolving health IT landscape. Competing priorities and system requirements for multiple programs of care complicate the selection, implementation and management of data warehouse solutions. Is there a strategic solution that can meet long term program and data management needs across evolving networks of care?

Health-e-link's Clinical Data Warehouse Solution

Health-e-link's Clinical Data Warehouse is a highly configurable and flexible data warehouse and program registry for collaborating healthcare professionals. Health-e-link serves as a single platform for managing data collection, data access, data management, data analysis and reporting needs across the healthcare community. By using the Health-e-link data warehouse, partner IT staffs can focus on a single set of technologies and retire outdated legacy systems. The Health-e-Link solution enables seamless data collection and data management across multiple programs of care and integrates with partner clinical and business systems. Health-e-Link provides easy-to-use templates to configure and operate one or multiple clinical data registries, all on a single platform. On a program-by-program basis, define patient profiles, clinical data sets, surveys and questionnaires, data import/export processes, user interfaces, reports and more.

Health-e-link's Clinical Data Warehouse Solves Community-wide Data Management Challenges

  • Configure and support data warehouses for multiple programs concurrently;
  • Configure communities of participating organizations and associate them with specific programs;
  • Configure role-based user definitions to control data access to meet privacy and security obligations;
  • Configure program specific client/patient demographic profiles;
  • Configure program specific clinical data sets to track relevant client/patient information;
  • Build program specific user interfaces and program-specific functionality;
  • View client/patient history across programs of care;
  • Develop client/patient surveys, questionnaires and forms to support data collection requirements;
  • Utilize predefined and custom database query and reporting capabilities;
  • Customize master client/patient index to support identity resolution and management;
  • Configure data exchange interfaces to import patient data from participating clinical data systems;
  • Configure data extracts for submission to 3rd party data analysis tools.

Health-e-link Enables Data Sharing

See how Health-e-link promotes communication and collaboration across integrated healthcare systems.