Hosted and Licensed Solutions

Health-e-link's technology-based solutions including Care Connect, Universal HIE and Clinical Data Warehouse. Health-e-link solutions are hosted within our secure data center and are available for customer use on an ongoing basis. Clients can be configured and operational on Health-e-link within a matter of days. Licensed software may be installed, configured and operated by your IT staff with Health-e-link resources available for technical support as required. Health-e-link solutions are developed on Java and Microsoft SQL Server platforms.

Modular Design

The Health-e-link Suite is modular and highly configurable to promote flexibility and ensure that our solution is configured to meet your specific needs. From network interfaces to user interfaces, Health-e-link can be configured to align with your existing capabilities, thereby minimizing the burden we impose on your existing infrastructure and IT staff. Health-e-link modular features are only installed if they are part of your network solution, simplifying all aspects of network management.

Pilot and Phased Implementations

At Health-e-link, we pride ourselves on providing personalized, customized services that align with our client's unique needs and capabilities. Health-e-link's hosted solutions often serve as a pilot platform for customers that want to evaluate Health-e-link capabilities. Health-e-link implementations can range from straightforward implementations of our hosted Care Connect system that can be accomplished in a matter of days, to state-wide implementations of our clinical data warehouse that may take several months to complete.

Health-e-link Support Staff

For our hosted solution, Health-e-link technical support staff monitors and maintains the Health-e-link network on an ongoing basis. Health-e-link operations staff ensures that all data exchange activity meets customer expectations based on predefined service level agreements. Health-e-link customer service staff provides ongoing help desk and training resources and also serve as the primary point of contact for all customer issues. Support capabilities developed at Health-e-link are transferrable to your staffs through our training services if you choose to license and operate Health-e-link within your facilities.